Third Technology in VGK-Go!

We sometimes call the microkinetic control technology of the VGK product family the ‘THIRD TECHNOLOGY’, to reflect its intelligence. Especially the intelligence of the VGK’s ability to adapt to the resistance of movement in accordance to need and circumstance.

Instead, the patented fluidic technology platform in VGK-Go! uses the actual speed of movement of the fluids inside as a source of energy and information to adjust resistance keeping the rate of movement within comfortable boundaries. It’s these and other features of the VGK-Go! that makes it a ‘Third Technology’.

Intuitive control

19806-whirlpool-vectorVGK means intuitive control of the knee. Control gives the patient trust and confidence to open up their comfort zone without any barriers. The microkinetic processor uses the VGK’s proprietary Vortex Metering System creates a fluid intelligence known as FIC (Fluidic Intelligent Control). FIC allows for excellent control and performance under extreme conditions. The VGK’s FIC system has been compared to various MPC knees for being substantially equivalent.

In the VGK-Go! this technology ensures  the knee stays in the stance mode at all times EXCEPT when the knee enters into swing phase. When the knee commences extension, the FIC immediately switches into stance mode and the knee is capable of stumble recovery and yielding action in walking downstairs or down a slope. The VGK-Go!, depending on the socket shape and configuration, can bend up to 165 degrees, allowing kneeling.

    • VGK-Go! Parameter Adjustments:
      • Swing release or toe load adjustable
      • Swing speed or heel rise adjustable
      • Stance yielding resistance
      • Swing resistance
      • Free swing with an adjustable safety brake
      • Stance-lock mode

VGK Very Good Knee prosthetic leg frontThe VGK-Go! can be pushed harder and for longer periods of time without overheating. It performs equally in hot or cold environments without adjustments to the knee. All of this security is done without the need of fragile electronics. This means NO BATTERY issues! Whether your patient requires a knee that offers stability and safety, or one they can push to the limit, the VGK-Go! is that knee.

The VGK-Go! allows you to ride a bicycle without further adjustments. All resistance can be manually switched off for very light operation, yet this is backed up with an automatic stumble recovery feature if there was a need to suddenly stand on the prosthesis. The VGK-Go! supports the knee locking in stance.

The VGK’s ‘Third Technology’ in comparison to mechanical and electronic knee joints.

The adaptive fluidic control, as developed by Orthomobility, makes it possible to have the resistance to knee flexion virtually independent from operating temperatures and weight placed on the prosthesis. This is remarkable as the absorbed energy from moving the limb creates heat, which in turn makes the working fluids thin, or extra weight creates extra pressure. Both these effects traditionally cause the knee to move too fast to make it unsuitable for comfortable use. Instead the Orthomobility’s fluidic technology compensates for these effects and the VGK-Go! provides a very stable performance over a range of operating temperatures and weight paced on the limb.

In conventional prosthetic knees, changes in temperature cause changes in the behaviour of the knee joint, and in microprocessor knees, larger changes in temperature can cause the valves to reach their limit in their automatic adjustments.

The microkinetic processor in the VGK-Go! uses an ultra high spin of irrotational vortex flow that causes the fluids to spin to the outer wall of the chamber so that it cannot easily flow through the outlet in the middle. The more pressure and the more heat, the more spin…  This means we can completely avoid complex digital technology and supports direct control without moving parts! Due to the well chosen geometry of the fluid pathways the desired resistance appropriate through a wide range of use and conditions is now possible. The same vortex control helps in the support of stumble recovery. The hight impact forces upon the hydraulic (in the case of a stumble) cause immediate high resistance to movement and the limb is instantly as stable is it needs to be without the need for sampling and actuation of valves as in other technologies.

Three Modes: Normal, Cycling & Creative

The three modes of use in stance phase: Normal, Cycling and Ultra high resistance, all feature stumble recovery. Special reference may be made to the Cycling mode where the resistance is low to allow cycling, but if the knee angle speed is exceeding a pre-set limit the easy flow gets blocked and the high resistance to knee bending is activated, in aid of prevention of knee collapse when weight bearing on the knee is attempted.


The VGK-Go! achieves its security by using TWO gait dependent signals before it releases the low resistance swing phase: it needs the knee to be both fully extended (straight) and there must be a little left-over fore foot load from the last bit of body weight just before the swing phase is started. When these two conditions are met the swing phase can commence. When the knee extends again after mid-swing, the knee is ready for high resistance to bending if and when required.