Frequently asked questions about VGK.

Q. With the VGK-Go!, what foot must I use?

A: The VGK has been designed to be compatible with any foot.  However, if a high heeled shoe is not accommodated for in the alignment of the foot, the joint stays in stance stability if the toe of the foot does not receive enough load due to the high heel. The VGK has been seen to be compatible with fluid controlled ankle devices with energy storing feet. It is important to avoid  a very soft a forefoot, as this hinders a proper forefoot loading.

It has been found that an energy storing foot both helps in further easing release into swing, and to help propel the shin into swing.

Q. My CPO says that a VGK is just another hydraulic joint. Is  that true?

A: False, NOT just another hydraulic joint! A VGK uses polykinetic control technology. Technology is the art of solving problems efficiently.  In fact, the polykinetic technology replaces the electrical sensors and on board computing, Polykinetic processing controls for variations in forces applied to the limb and variations in viscosity, and at the same time delivers state of the art functionalities!

Q. I like water sports, is there a problem if a VGK gets wet?

A: A VGK has been designed to withstand water and even shallow immersion (waist deep). If you need to get the joint wet on a regular basis, please  contact Orthomobility or your CPO so that a suitable service program can be arranged. However, a  VGK is NOT suitable for scuba diving or other such deep water activities deeper than 5 meter, for the risk of drowning: naturally the VGK is less than buoyant and like any other metal knee joint would not help to keep an individual afloat.

Q. I have not heard of  VGK before, who makes it and where can I get it?

A. The VGK has been developed by a Dutch CPO/MEng with extensive specialist experience in the UK NHS. Eighteen years of clinical and design experience supports the construction and fine detail of the VGK. The VGK is available through your CPO, who can contact us direct for advice regarding ordering. Alternatively you can contact us direct if you have other questions.