Orthomobility is a company that seeks to create prosthetic components that add real value to rehabilitation.

Orthomobility are a young company rooted in clinical practice and understanding of the needs of the amputee. Working with Orthomobility is working for better health in amputees, nationally and internationally.

Orthomobility work not only with amputees as user of product, but also with amputees within the organisation as a driving force of development. Being a small company with under 10 employees, we are flexible and can provide career development in accordance to business needs and team member input. Our main in-house activities are design, testing, assembly and marketing, nationally and internationally.

A career in Orthomobility is a career in a passionate environment and a continuous strive for quality and innovation.

We list any vacancies at the bottom of this page.

If you believe yourself to be suitable and interested in one of these, and are eligible to work in the UK, please write, only after checking our privacy policy,  and send your CV to Jennifer.Boender@orthomobiltiy.com .

Our recent vacancy for an Assembly Engineer has now been filled.

There are currently no ordinary vacancies.

(Transfemoral amputee in Oxford-shire liking our work? Send us an mail).