Orthomobility VGK product range is now getting attention from the BBC and press! The recent NHS publication to provide high function prosthetic knee joints to transfemoral amputees is good news for may amputees in the UK! The news tells that our UK-built and -designed VGK product range delivers same value spectrum performance as foreign product, yet did not get its deserved place in special funding.  There is some good news though: the VGK has already been provided throughout England and Scotland over the last few years and is here to stay!

BBC One South made the following documentary:

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Wanting to share user experiences first-hand, Radio Oxford made the following presentation.

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A fine article was created by Kirstie Chambers,on That’sTV  featuring some technical as well as user experience.















A German spoken hospital-television program features both VGK-Go! as well as VGK-S: fast forward to 28.00 and then 33.20 minutes.







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AbleMag featured the following in the December 2016 issue: