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(Previous issue Instructions Manual )

The manual for Very Good Knee Short Transfemoral is only available as the online teaching module, and is not available for download for the next foreseeable future, this to ensure all work form the latest version as per website.

SCALE 1:1 Models

For the purposes of assisting in assessing the the possibilities and constraints of using the VGK knees into a limb build, the following 1:1 cut-out models are available. (i.e. print out 1:1, do check the printed sizes against the written measures to ensure good 1:1 scaling).

For VGK Go! models in full extension, click here.

VGK-S Cut-Out Profile on A4 with VGK-S in 90 degrees flexion (simulating sitting and/or kneeling). (Print on A4 and stick onto cardboard, then cut it out for a 1:1 model to assess to suitability of size and space). For Letter size paper use VGK-S Cut Out Profile – Letter Paper. (However do check accuracy of dimension!)