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In February 2020, the Global Medical Devices Nomenclature (GMDN) Agency defined a new term that recognises the fluidic control technology used in the VGK product range.

“Fluidic External Knee Prosthesis” – a new GMDN term

“A device which is a component of an external lower limb prosthesis designed to functionally replace, in part or total, an absent knee, wherein the principle of operation for stance/swing motion control is based on hydraulic actuation regulated by a motion-feedback fluidics circuit (using vortex and pressure-compensating valves). It responds to changes in motion in real-time by continuously sensing knee flexion speed and instantly adjusting motion resistance within a single step. It may have various designs and functional features (e.g., lightweight for short stump use, waterproof, secure stance, stumble recovery) for support during a variety of activities”.