What is a Second Opinion?

Having had an amputation, and receiving treatment for the loss of limb is a journey of starting out, then living a life after the intensive care period is over. In this period your skill improves and you may find that your potential exceeds that of your limb.

This ‘exceeding’ can happen at various places or at occasions in time. For instance, you do well and want to undertake a forest walk to only find that the knee is not as stable as you thought and you fall. Or you dare to go out with friends and cannot keep up, and all are waiting for you…

You see your healthcare professional and they agree and seek a solution with you. This solution may be change of prescription or no change for whatever reason.

Would you not agree with the healthcare professional’s opinion, because they do not address the issue that you know you have, you can seek a ‘second opinion‘.

When you do get a referral for a ‘second opinion’, it is important to prepare for this meeting by being well informed:

  1.  What has been your treatment history, what were the issues, when / where did these happen? Is there a relationship between the artificial limb construction (how it works), and the problems you may face. For instance the problems with sweating may not be related to the length of the limb.But the sense of weight of the leg may be very much related to your walking speed and the construction of the leg.
  2. Do read around, also on other websites than these and get information about the products, see if you can compare these with one to another with the information given by the websites, youtube film etc.
  3. Do imagine how these products may solve your problem.
  4. Do make sure that the information given by the healthcare professional makes sense to your satisfaction before you agree. It is a good idea to get the reasoned opinion in writing.
  5. Request a trial of the product (not always possible with products worn on the skin, but feet and knees should be possible). A trial will give you the final answer. Two days is usually more than enough to have a feel.